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Lobus is the leading web3 platform for art ownership for the world’s cultural creators, collectors and institutions, managing more than $9 billion in assets for our users. Our mission is to empower artists as owners. Lobus is the only platform that supports physical and digital art, enabling artists and collectors to become active owners of their art, to create, market, and distribute NFTs, retain fractional ownership, and execute smart-contracts and transactions seamlessly, all on-chain. Our platform combines innovative financial management tools with an artist-centric marketplace. Our partners include the Rothko family, Fondation Louis Vuitton, SFMOMA, the Obsidian Collection, and Equality Now.
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Our values
Change is a cornerstone of creativity.
Our marketplace, services, and on-chain technology cultivate innovation. That is what makes Lobus the platform for the future of art.
We aspire to the highest standard of excellence.
From the artists we serve, to our team and partners, Lobus is committed to serving the next generation of culture—of objects and people—that is meant to stand the test of time.
At Lobus artists are owners.
Hundreds of artists and collectors manage their most valued assets—their art—on our ownership management platform.
The art world of the future is all about transparency.
With smart contracts, NFTs, market data and analytics Lobus is empowering that future.
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