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Intuitive Design

Lobus’s object management system enables users to navigate and organize their collection in an easy-to-use and streamlined manner, from a ‘gallery view’ designed specifically for viewing your collection of art, to a customizable data grid view to manage the details of your collection.

Report Generation

Users can choose from a variety of formats including CSV/Excel/PDF/Word to export their collection data for customizable reports.



Showcase offers a seamless solution for users who wish to share selected pieces without making them publicly accessible. With just a few clicks, users can create a unique, private link that can be shared with chosen recipients, ensuring both convenience and privacy.



The tagging system enables users to classify, label, and categorize objects in a highly flexible way. Users can create their own tags based on their needs and apply multiple tags.

Advanced Filters

Users can apply multiple filters simultaneously to find the exact subset of objects they are interested in. As filters are adjusted, results are updated instantly allowing users to see the effects of their change.


Portfolios provides users with a structured and organized method to group and manage their objects.

Outside Collaborator

You can allow people who aren't members of your organization to access your portfolios that your organization owns.

Team Management

Admin tool empowers administrators to effortlessly onboard, manage, and configure roles for users within the organization, ensuring that access to product functionalities aligns perfectly with individual responsibilities.

Data Import

Quickly onboard your collection data using CSV or Excel upload.


Perfect for individuals with a small collection or a way to explore all the essential features of our product for your use case.
Key Features
20 Objects
All essential product features
Perfect for individuals who are managing a growing collection of art - perfect solution for a collector or an artist.
Key Features
100 Objects
All essential product features
Custom Logo - upload image to be used in the PDF/Word report.
For teams who need to manage collection of art collaboratively - from family offices and advisors to artist studios.
Key Features
500 Objects
Min 5 seats required. $50/month for each additional seat .
Advanced Admin feature for team management
For institutions and foundations managing large collection - from corporate collections to artist estates.
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Key Features
Unlimited Objects
Custom Fields
Digitization and Data On-boarding service
Dedicated Customer Success Manager

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