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Art is the world’s largest asset. Lobus is where ownership happens.

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The art world is shifting, stay ahead with Lobus

Lobus is the infrastructure and information you can count on to succeed in the ever-changing art market. Collaborate, view, and use Lobus’ millions of data points to be informed in real time.

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Simplify and expedite processes
Prepare for your workflows to be enhanced by automation. Lobus simplifies managing your collection so you can focus on what matters: discovering new artists, developing your network, and building your collection. Automate routine work, customize reporting, access streamlined integrations, and outsource tasks with Lobus’ back-office solutions. Get started right away with streamlined onboarding - no more inefficient data entry, outdated spreadsheets, or dispersed information.
Connect your assets to real time information
Lobus aggregates essential information - including market news, events, and pricing history - in one secure place that you can access from anywhere. We collect the qualitative and quantitative data for you so you can search and sort a holistic and objective view of the art industry without the manual effort. Generate new opportunities by discovering connections made by Lobus’ AI Art Matching.
Manage your assets collaboratively
Collaborate with your team in today’s location agnostic world with Lobus’ cloud-based solutions. You are in control of your data - our bank-level security standards allow you to confidently share and access your portfolio from anywhere. Your community grows and stays connected, as information is no longer siloed or outdated, allowing you to identify and benefit from new, creative opportunities.