Lobus X The Obsidian Collection

Dr. Martin
Luther King, Jr.

Date: June 19, 2022

Objects: 15

LOBUS presents The Obsidian Collection; a collection of rare images of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for auction


The Obsidian Collection, an entrusted organization of unique archives of Black culture, is bringing 15 NFTs of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s joy, laughter, and connection to auction from his historical visit to Chicago in 1966. These rare photographs were entrusted by the family of legendary photographer, John Tweedle, to Hermene Hartman. Winners of each token have the option to claim a physical print.

In keeping with history being accurately told, Hartman is releasing NFTs of these images on the immutable blockchain on Juneteenth 2022. Sign up with Lobus to participate in the upcoming auction.

* Winners of each token have the option to claim a physical print. May incur additional costs.


19th JUNE 2022


These incredible NFTs chronicle King in a 1966 visit to Chicago, challenging institutional racism, including the city’s slumlords and Mayor Richard J. Daley himself. There are images of the reverend addressing crowds at Soldier Field and a fundraiser for the movement at Chicago’s iconic International Amphitheatre that drew locals and celebrities like Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte and Mahalia Jackson. The photographs, including some that capture touching behind-the-scenes interactions, were taken on Tweedle’s personal camera, one of five he wore around his neck, as he snapped photos for The Daily News, Jet magazine, The Chicago Defender and The Chicago Sun-Times.

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