Skulls by Marcus Jahmal
Brooklyn-based artist Marcus Jahmal’s work has been exhibited all over the world: New York, London, Paris, Japan, Belgium, China, Copenhagen, LA, Miami…and now web3. Jahmal is releasing his first NFTs as a series of 3D skulls reminiscent of the recurring themes in the artist’s work. There are seven infamous Skull shapes – Sketchy, Hangry, Cheeky, Stoner, Drunko, Slimey, and Grimey each of which are rendered out of sacred materials. These materials include Bone, Stone, Diamond, Kryptonite, and more. Hidden within the blockchain are 10 Sacred Skulls each one of them one of a kind and extremely rare! A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the STP Foundation. Sign up to stay up to date on his launch slated for Late July. The mint price is .06 ETH presale .1 ETH public.

“Marcus Jahmal (b. 1990) lives and works in New York. He was raised in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights neighborhood, growing up in a family with origins in Puerto Rico and Creole roots in New Orleans. His paintings synthesize a diverse range of inspirations and autobiography, drawing from photographs, ancient rituals, and personal memories. Jahmal’s works move fluidly between genres spanning architectural interiors and still life, as well as landscape and portraiture. Developing his compositions directly upon the surface of each canvas, Jahmal coaxes imaginary, yet uncannily familiar, scenes to life, exploring themes encompassing dreams and folkloric Americana, and the contemporary realities of gentrification and city dwelling. As Jahmal explains, “most of [my] figures have a personality and a link to real life; I’m interested in a kind of filtered realism”. Skulls, anthropomorphic creatures, rolling landscapes, thieves, card players, and policemen, occupy spaces that feel steeped in a collective memory at once primordial and precognitive of some future world where polymorphism reigns and metaphors are fluid. Marcus Jahmal has exhibited widely in the United States, Europe, and Asia with solo exhibitions in New York, Paris, Brussels and London, and an institutional debut at CAC Passarelle, in Brest, France. His work is found in public collections around the world, notably The Walker Museum, ICA Miami, Aishti Foundation Beirut and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego among others. He has published two monographs, the latest titled New Religion, published in 2021 and his shows have been reviewed in the New York Times, The New Yorker and the Brooklyn rail.