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The Face Of Global Carbon Emissions #2

Artist:Nancy Burson

Nancy Burson is no stranger to the intersection of technology and art. By the mid-1980’s Burson was known as the pioneer of facial morphing, ironically challenging the notion of photographic truth at the birth of digital manipulation. She has been interested in the interaction of art and science since the inception of her career as an artist and her work has been included in museums all over the globe: MoMA, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Whitney, Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Centre Pompidou in Paris, LACMA, SFMOMA, Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC, amongst many others. Burson’s Inaugural NFT The Face Of Global Carbon Emissions, is up for auction on Earth Day, April 22. This NFT is composed of the top five heads of state of the countries most responsible for global warming. The composite image is weighted to reflect the approximate percentages of each countries’ carbon emission contributions to our global climate crisis. China (Xi Jinping), US (Joe Biden), India (Narendra Modi), Russia (Vladimir Putin), and Japan (Fumio Kishida)....