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Expressions #25

Artist:Mary Stengel Bentley

Mary Stengel Bentley is launching her first series of NFTs later this month, Expressions. The title is a reference to self expression yet has even further meaning with reference to computer science, which is used to describe ‘a combination of one or more constants, variables, functions and operators that the programming language interprets and computes to produce another value’ (Wiki). Her subject matter is taken from nature and she builds her compositions intuitively, expressing one mark in relation to another, in turn producing an image with a meaning only related to the sum of its parts. Stengel Bentley on this project: “As I build this work, I want to look back as if each painting is being sold as a page in a diary. Timing is at play here in reference to when I make them but also as they develop alongside the technology. I am interested in growing them in parallel’. She continues, “I’d like to be part of the beginning narrative in this space and show people that it is an exciting time to collect art at this stage, in its digital infancy....

Price in USD$350



Token ID25
Token standardERC-721